My name is Christine Marquette and I am a registered dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I'm going to talk to you about how to take Levothyroxine. He or she may also want to rule out other conditions that are unrelated to thyroid function but could be causing similar symptoms. Knowing your lack of [...]

I have written a number of wrinkle cream reviews. As a writer, I am often asked to try products and write a review about them. While some of the internet reviewers are actual customers, many of them are professionals like me. Do you get an honest review from a pro? When it comes to face [...]

By Patricia E. Dobbs Lots of people wonder when they will find Totally hooked on Phonics for adults because parents are always shown by the very popular TV commercials teaching their kids to see with the program. Even if you go to the website on the web, the organization website appears to be totally aimed [...]